Ladies Bible Study

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Both studies will take place in the Small Parlor. 

Wednesday Mornings, 9:30 am

Led by Rebecca Hays. The book of Isaiah

Through beautiful and heart-wrenching poetry, the Old Testament book of Isaiah tells a dramatic story about Israel’s sin, judgment, exile, and restoration. The book casts a vision for a people of God who are not defined by ethnicity but by faithfulness to God, and the fact that the New Testament refers to Isaiah more than any other Old Testament book (except for the Psalms) bears witness to the ongoing relevance of this message. This spring, we will work through this prophetic book together and consider the ways that God calls his people to love himself and love others, the ways that God’s work in the world gives us hope in dark times, and the ways that God was preparing his people for the advent of a new covenant hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus. 


Wednesday Evenings, 6:30 pm

Led by Holly Trauth. "Counterfeit Goods" by Tim Keller. 

Learning how to detect and destroy the idols in our lives.