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LIFT Workshops


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After encountering the struggles of hardworking single parents trying to work and raise children, several members of FBC founded the LIFT Workshop. LIFT’s primary focus is to efficiently and effectively facilitate services to low income families and individuals in our community. LIFT’s ultimate goal is to assist families to achieve economic viability and lessened dependence on government assistance. LIFT serves and draws attention to an invisible and underserved population of minimum wage earning families who are struggling to make ends meet.

LIFT workshops are held once a year in the fall. They provide a “one stop shop” for working poor families who need the services of multiple agencies but cannot leave work or cannot lose work hours to visit these agencies. Many nonprofits and government agencies, as well as TSTC and MCC, participate in the LIFT workshop. Each workshop attendee is paired with an advocate at the workshop to evaluate the attendee’s needs, to walk alongside the attendee at the workshop and to develop a plan to help the attendee achieve economic viability and lessened dependency goals.

This personalized assistance is essential to ensure that each attendee receives the full benefit of the workshop and the services provided. LIFT is one of the most rewarding ministries of FBC Waco because it facilitates personal relationships between advocates and the families served. Church members serve as advocates, provide office assistance, childcare and hospitality.