Youth Ministry

Camp Eagle 2017

When: June 18th - 23rd, 2017

Where: Camp Eagle (Rocksprings, TX) 

Total Cost: $300

Deposit: $100 (Due by May 14) 


Each and every year, youth camp is one of the most memorable events of the student ministry at FBC Waco. Students are challenged to stretch themselves, make some new friends, and learn how to live a life for Christ in the midst of it. This year will be no exception. The theme for the year is EAT, and Camp Eagle describes it as such:


"In this age of instant gratification the world is at our finger tips. Everyone is hungry for something. We are hungry for relationships, money, possessions, power and purpose. What we need is Jesus. He says "eat of me and you will never go hungry again." This summer we are focusing on the bread of life! We want every camper to stop for a week, turn off their social media and feast, consume and binge on the true food and drink the true drink (Jn 6:55)! For one week, we will take a journey and study the life of Jesus from start to finish. We will sustain ourselves with the hope and significance His sacrifice offers us! We pray that every camper from every youth group will know and understand the life, teachings and the calling from Jesus on their life, and that will drastically change everything for them, their youth group and their community. We have faith that the true food and drink will satisfy, reviving individual lives for the benefit of the body of Christ!"

Camp Eagle has been a FBC Youth tradition for many years now. Each year is a little different, but students always come away having learned some solid Biblical truths. If it serves as a testament to the quality of camp, last year after camp it only took about a week before students started asking about camp for this coming year. It's a great time, and we as a group want everyone to go who can. 

You can find out more information about Camp Eagle here: (we participate in the "Group Camp") 


If you will recall, the sign up process goes directly through Camp Eagle as opposed to FBC Waco. We start this process by getting the names of all the students who will be attending camp and turning them into Camp Eagle. Soon thereafter you will receive an invitation to complete your student's registration through the Camp Eagle website. Details regarding packing lists, departure and arrival times, and other forms to be completed will be distributed later in the Spring. The forms and information on this page will be updated as details are received.

For now, if your student is planning on going to camp there are two things they need to do. 1) Fill out the online sign up form below (this gives us the list to turn into Camp Eagle). 2) Turn in a $100 deposit to FBC Waco no later than May 14. You can drop off the deposit at any normal youth gathering or to the church office. Both the online form and the deposit must be turned in to reserve a student's spot for camp. 


Between Mid-Winter Retreat, Camp Eagle, and everything else that comes up in your student's life, things can get expensive. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to go to these events and learn what it means to life a life for Christ. This year, we will be trying out a credit system for making Mid-Winter Retreat and Camp Eagle much more affordable. Students will be able to earn up to  $200 towards their account for camp this year. That means that the only thing you will have to pay out of pocket is the $100 deposit. Opportunities to earn credit and an explanation of how it will work can be found here:

Scholarships are available for those who cannot cover the cost of camp after fulfilling credit opportunities. Talk with Austin to find out more. 

Sign Up Forms

 Online Sign Up Form: 

Sign Up PDF:


You can read through the suggested packing list and a letter from the Camp Eagle Staff to parents here: 

Note: Though it is not included on the packing list, Camp Eagle has requested that each student bring a white T-Shirt for a special activity at camp.



If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact Austin by phone (281-840-0413) or email (