Youth Ministry

Youth Account Credit Opportunities

For the Mid-Winter 2017 and Camp Eagle 2017, Students will have the opportunity to earn credit towards their account. Listed below are some options that are (or will be) available to students. Austin will keep a tally of all the credit earned towards a student's account. There is a maximum amount student's can earn. See the Mid-Winter info ( page or the Camp Eagle info ( page to find out those maximum amounts. First Baptist Waco has been incredibly generous in supporting its students. These opportunities listed are just some of the ways students can give back to the church, the community, or show how the church has impacted them. If there is an opportunity to serve or learn that you do not see listed below, feel free to contact Austin to discuss having it credited toward your (or your student's) account. As new opportunities arrive, the list below will be updated.

Scholarships will be available for students who cannot cover the cost of Mid-Winter or camp after fulfilling credit opportunities. Talk with Austin to find out more.

If you have have questions, you can contact Austin by phone (281-840-0413) or email ( ).

The Opportunities

Read a Book

When: Any time

Credits Available: $25

Enjoy reading? Put it to good use! Read a book (a devotional, Christian literature, something written by your favorite pastor, etc.), tell Austin about it, and you'll receive $25 towards your account. The book must be approved before reading. Once you've finished, set up a time to sit down and talk about what you've learned from it with Austin.

Help with Youth promotional material

When: Any time

Credits Available: $10/item (up to $50)

Have a creative niche? Help put together flyers, videos, pictures, etc. for the various youth events we will have and you'll receive some credit towards your account. Some potential events include: Mid-Winter, Camp Eagle, the Spaghetti Fundraiser, or the youth led worship service. Materials can also be made for regular events such as Sunday School, Wednesday Night Bible Study, or Youth Choir.

Go meet new people

When: Any time

Credits Available: $5/person (up to $50)

We've got lots of great people in our church who are full of good stories. Take some time and meet a few of them! Take some time to briefly meet with people you have never met before and write a small paragraph about them. You can do this for up to 10 people and you'll receive credit towards your account. Note: You must provide contact info for the people you meet with so that Austin can confirm the meeting.

Agape Meal

When: Spring 2017

Credits Available: $10/time (up to 5 times)

Agape Meal occurs once a month and is a great way the church serves people in the community. Help out there once a month and you'll receive credit towards your account.