What We Believe

First Baptist Church Waco exists to lead all generations to love God, one another and the world in the Spirit of Jesus.


First Baptist Waco is rooted deeply in historic Baptist faith.  Central to our historic faith is the belief that every individual has the God-given competency to know God and God's will.  Church members are encouraged to interpret the Bible in the context of community as they seek to follow God.  While we do not have a formal creed, the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message is a statement of faith to which we most closely align.



Along with its foundation in historic Baptist faith, First Baptist Waco has developed its own unique root values over the past 150 years.  As church members lived out their faith, these values developed organically and continue to characterize FBC Waco today:


Throughout our history, FBC Waco has prioritized witness to both our local and global communities.  Whether across the street or around the world, FBC sends its members to bless other in Christ's name.  Check out our Missions page for more. 



At FBC Waco, we believe that God's revelation in the Old and New Testaments are authoritative for faith and practice.  Our preaching, teaching, and witness are thoroughly Bible-based. Download sermons each week here.



Our congregation is a diverse group of Christ-followers.  While we agree that the Bible is authoritative for faith and practice, we also take pride in the respect church members show others who interpret Scripture differently.



First Baptist Waco currently has one family with five living generations in our church. FBC Waco celebrates its multi-generational congregation.  We believe that intergenerational study, fellowship, and witness makes us all stronger.  We learn a lot from one another!



Located in the heart of downtown Waco, FBC Waco is a regional church.  Our members come from all over Central Texas, enriching our diversity.



First Baptist Waco has valued higher education since our inception.  We helped establish Waco Classical School in 1860, which later became Waco University and merged with Baylor University in 1886.  FBC Waco helped start Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  In addition, both George W. Truett Theological Seminary and Live Oak Classical School started at First Baptist Waco. 



First Baptist Waco has always been made up of local leaders in the community.  Though we come from different contexts, we find our unity in the lordship of Jesus Christ.