Adult Ministries

Sunday Morning Classes

*All adult classes begin at 9:00am on Sunday mornings

Our Adult Classes:

Adult 1 (20s): A co-ed group of young adults combining early career folks and graduate students. Adult 1 begins with coffee and snacks, announcements, and prayer, and then study Scripture taught by a rotation of class members. Along with Sunday mornings, this group also meets for food, fellowship, and prayer each Tuesday evening. Room 214.

Adult 2 (30s): Women and men in their 30s. The group includes both single people and young families, often parents of toddlers. Room 218

Adult 3 (40s): Women and men mostly in their 40s, many of whom have school-aged children. Meetings begin with co-ed fellowship and announcements. The class periodically alternates between remaining together as a whole group and dividing into separate men’s and women’s groups for Bible discussion. Room 217.

Adult 4: “Tried and True” (50s and up):  A teaching team walks with adults to explore the intersection of God’s love and scripture with the joys and difficulties of everyday life—to be tried and found true (Ephesians 5:1–2). Room 213.

Adult 5 (60s and up): This group meets together in Room 212 for an opening assembly and then divides into men’s and women’s classes. Men remain in Room 212, and the women go next door to Room 211. Adult 5 seeks ways to apply biblical truth to daily living and provides opportunities for fellowship and service beyond Sunday morning.

Word & Way: A co-ed class primarily aged 50s and up. Word & Way strives to apply the Word of Scripture together to discern and practice the Way of Jesus for daily living. Room 103.

McCall Class (70s and up): A fellowship of older men. This lecture-based class taught by Dr. Bill Pitts meets in the First Baptist Fellowship Hall.

Patterson Class (70s and up): Co-ed adults in their 70s and up. This lecture-based class meets in Room 102. The Patterson group also gathers for periodic social activities together.

Centex Class (for Adults with Special Needs): A class for adults with cognitive special needs and learning challenges. This group meets in the Break Room.

Spanish Speaking Class: A co-ed class for adults of all ages conducted in Spanish. Room 216.