Women's Ministry

Ladies' Midweek Bible Study

Ladies Bible Study

Wednesdays at Noon // All ladies are invited for a Bible study taught by Rebecca Hays at noon in the FBC Parlor. You may bring lunch with you or pick up a meal from the Fellowship Hall on the way. The study will wrap up in less than an hour so that those using their lunch break to attend can return to work.

This Spring's Theme: What Keeps Us Singing 

Human beings like music, and we like to sing. Singing songs of lament and praise have been part of how we worship God for thousands of years. The Bible has a whole (very large) book dedicated to songs, and songs are scattered throughout the rest of the Bible as well. This spring, we’ll look at some of the songs in the New Testament. We’ll study them together to consider what these songs are saying, we’ll think about why their messages might take the form of songs at all, and we’ll talk about why we should keep singing as we go even today. 


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