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Furnishings at First


Our location has transitioned to St. James Methodist Church downtown. Contact Taylor Holleyman for information.


Remember when you were in your early adult years and just getting started? Money was limited and you realized you had nothing with which to fill your humble home. Most graduate students come to Waco from out of town, and many of these students are no longer living under the financial support of their parents.

Dan Hull noticed this need and started a program at First Baptist called furnishings@first. furnishings@first collects gently-used home furnishings from church and community members and loans them out to graduate students for the duration of their studies in Waco.

When students leave Waco, they may return the furniture to be loaned out again. furnishings@first asks for furniture donations twice a year to give back to the collegiate community. If you can’t offer a piece of furniture, you can still volunteer to move furniture during the event.

CONTACT the church for more information